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Learn to easily and confidently navigate your way through life and work pressures with ease, with these 4 simple Keys to your Vitality and Freedom!

Join us as we share how we recovered and put into remission our own chronic health disorders using these 4 Keys to Vitality & Freedom as a part of our Holistic Health Approach.

We went from struggling with chronic pain, inflammation, fatigue, overwhelm, brain fog, anxiety & serious digestive issues to…


Feeling Healthy, Inspired, Strong, and Lit up, with SO much Energy to create thriving businesses, live in the present, and be the fun-loving Mother’s we always dreamed of being. Today, we are Aligned with our Dreams, our Life's Purpose, and our Vitality & Freedom!
You deserve to feel this way too and we are ready to Guide you!

3 Day Complimentary Workshop

July 5 - 6 -7, 2022 | 6 - 7pm MST

Activate a Higher Frequency.

Turn On your Inner Lioness.


Our Vitality & Freedom Activation will have you feeling

HOPE and INSPIRATION stories of recovery from chronic autoimmune health issues are shared to
renew your faith in your ability to heal.

In this workshop you will discover how to reduce reliance on the medical system, and feel empowered with easy, effective tools to experience

joy & passion again!

Learn how the 4 keys to Vitality and Freedom lie in a
Holistic Health Approach!


You will walk away with real, tangible, yet easy to apply tools in this free workshop that will support you to step into your confidence and finally have some clarity on what your NEXT BEST STEP is! your Vitality & Freedom!


Emerge as the Lioness You are!

Dates: July 5th, 6th & 7th, 2022

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Day 1
July 5th

Tune In, Listen and create a Trusting relationship with your Mental & Emotional Bodies

Feel safe, balanced and confident in your own skin again so that you can feel grounded, balanced and confident in your life and business decisions.


Learn tools to release emotional, mental & energetic blocks so you can feel inspired and excited again yet also feel grounded and in flow. 

- Energy balancing

- Nervous System regulation

- How to honour you and create safe, sacred space for yourself and your dreams.

- Supplements and foods that will support the mind and emotions.

Day 2

July 6th

Activate a sexy yet beautiful dance between your physical and spiritual bodies

Uncover what your body is capable of and how good it's possible for you to feel, especailly when you make simple shifts in what you eat and release toxins.  Learn how you can increase your energy and focus exponentially, leaving you with the vitality you deserve...and then channel that into your life and business.

Discover the epic flow you can experience when you know how to balance and have trust between your Feminine energies of Being, Self-Nurturing & Honouring and the Masculine energies of Inspired Action, Logic and Stability.

Day 3

July 7th

Hear how Healing, Vitality and Freedom is Possible using a Holistic Health Approach

Gain understanding on how your body and being is created by an unprecedented Divine Intelligence and that you have an amazing Internal Matrix and Energy Field with which you can tune into as you navigate your health and wellbeing.  

Learn how a holistic approach can reduce inflammation and stress, and help with digestive issues.

And discover how cleansing will have a powerful impact on your emotional state. 

Allowing you to spend more time enjoying your life and less time stressing about food and your body.

In this Workshop you can expect to:

Gain Clarity & Understanding

Awareness is the first step and catalyst to tuning into what you need to honour your healing
path and balance your life & work realities. Gain hope, clarity, and understanding as to why you aren’t feeling your best, especially if you haven’t gotten answers from Drs. or
what they’ve suggested isn’t working.

Open to the Benefits of Cleansing

Learn what it takes to remove toxins from your body, without needing to limit your food consumption.  Discover how healing foods  increase your energy, improve sleep, release excess weight, and clear brain fog.  Begin to understand how a holistic approach can contribute positively to reduce inflammation and stress, and help with digestive issues.

Start Planning your NEXT BEST STEPS

Experience a regulated nervous system, allowing balance and peace within and reaching a state of being that allows more flow, creativity & clarity to take your Next Best Steps!

When your mind and body are relaxed, it allows you to confidently make decisions, as well as reach out for the support you need in your life and work. 

Watch your energy increase so you can play with your kids, get all your tasks completed, go to work and still have energy left over.

Meet your Vitality & Freedom Guides
 Casandra MacDonald,
Medical Mystic, Holistic Health Coach & Energy Healer 
& Jonie-Lynn Dyer,
Holistic Nutritional Consultant of Love Yourself Holistics

We are so incredibly passionate about health and wellness and empowering others to reclaim their personal power and experience Vitality and Freedom again!!  We are grateful to see the beautiful connection we have and how joining together our medicines creates a powerhouse of a program for you to raise your frequency, achieve higher levels of energy, inspiration and creativity so you can live the life you deserve. 
A life of Peace, Balance and Abundance all while anchoring in Vitality and Freedom!!

We want to help you remember how powerful you really are, who you really, truly are and that it's your
birth rite to experience Vitality and Freedom.  

Join us today!! 


Casandra MacDonald,

Medical Mystic

jonie-lynn headshot.jpeg

Jonie-Lynn Dyer,

Love Yourself Holistics

I want to Activate my Vitality and Freedom and let my Lioness Emerge! 
Sign me up!

The registration for this Workshop has now ended. If you are interested in the content and replays please contact

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