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Where I come from

I grew up on a beautiful lake in the Ottawa Valley in Eastern Ontario where the cedar trees surrounded me and the sound of loons filled the night air.  It is a place that still feels magical when I visit.  My parents were entrepreneurs and have owned multiple, successful businesses over the course of my life. 
A family in business learns responsibility, how to work together, and how to get through the tough times.  
There can be perks and oh so much learning and many sacrifices made. ​

A peek into my life:
​I am a mother of 3 incredible young souls who I am determined will know my deep love for them, how to navigate and process emotions and make centered, guided decisions for themselves  My children are very used to me talking about the messages that numbers give us, the cycle the moon is in, how solar flares may be making us a little extra tired or sensitive today and how to express their emotions so that they don't create dis-ease in their bodies.  They take their supplements and eat their healthy vegetables, know how to grow food, ground barefoot on the earth and understand the importance of giving gratitude to our Mother Earth and all our blessings.  Spirituality and striving for health & balance is woven into our every moment.  


I have a wide variety of interests & hobbies: artistic painting, personal growth reading and courses, bringing awareness to others about holistic healing options, outdoor pursuits, gardening, travelling, creating community gatherings, cooking, dancing, yoga, oh the list goes on.  Some of these things I don’t engage in for a very long time, but then I pick it up again when I feel called.  I have come to appreciate all of these valuable skills & knowing a little of everything so that I can pass on to my children ways to live a healthy and sustainable life.  I also have a deep connection with the spirit of the cedars and dandelions.  The cedars have been beautiful guides and teachers for me on my spiritual path and the dandelions were an important support during my intense pain and inflammation flare ups.  I created a product line of massage oils and salves from the bright, yellow flowers and love to get my hands all stained when I pick them....and every once in awhile when I happen to have some spare time you may find me painting or playing guitar & singing.

I was introduced to energy work at the age of 15 but it took me a long time to really understand HOW important it was to tune in and clear my energy on a daily basis.  Therapeutic Touch was the first modality I learned and this sparked my interest in Holistic Health Arts and so University followed where I obtained a Kinesiology based Health Promotion degree.  From there, Psych-K, Essential Oil education and ARoMATOUCH Technique followed and most recently I completed the Ascension Academy of Light - Ascension Coach and Healer Training program which has lead me to what I do today... 
Medical Intuition, Holistic Health Coaching and Energy Healing.
I deeply honour traditional Indigenous and earth-based medicines and practices. Including our interconnectedness to all living things, our Ancestors and future generations, especially as I learn more about my Algonquin, Irish and Scottish roots.I have worn many hats... from developing health programs for Indigenous women and youth to working as a Certified Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer and partnering with those that are passionate about land & ocean conservation, holistic nutrition and alternative education.

Community Collaboration, Energy Healing, 
Traditional Indigenous medicines and teachings, Healthy Spiritual practices
& Creative Innovation is woven into the fabric of everything I do.
...and there's usually a cedar tree and dandelions close by!


My Approach

I was introduced to energy work at the age of 15 but it took me a long time to really understand HOW important it was to work with my energy on a daily basis.  Therapeutic Touch was the first modality I learned and this sparked my interest in Holistic & Alternative health practices so I attended university for a Kinesiology based Health Promotion degree.  
I have worn many hats from developing health programs for Aboriginal women and youth to working as a Fitness & Lifestyle Consultant, to an independent website developer and partnering with those that are passionate about land & ocean conservation, allergen free foods to alternative education.   
There are so many beautiful and amazing gifts to being a highly sensitive human on this planet - so please be assured you are on the right path.  I will do my best to demonstrate how to re-pattern the negative, destructive traps that are so commonly experienced from unhealthy learned behaviours - or at least lead you to someone else who has the resources you need.  I have struggled with the negative impacts of being highly sensitive and empathic over the years because there was such a lack of understanding, a lack of info that was supportive to me and despite countless tests and investigations with the medical system, there were never any signs of illness or disease. 

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The Medical Mystic Session

I do online and in person energy healing sessions in full collaboration with the client, where online sessions are just as effective as in person due to the ability to do distance healing.
I can scan the client's bodies- in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. I pick up on health issues, energetic blocks in their mindset, emotional energy flow, physical injuries and misalignments with their spiritual aspect.

Together we play with the puzzle pieces of their experiences and tweak and refine until we have alignment and the client leaves feeling more anchored in their direction moving forward in life and what they need to put in place for support.

I hold true to empowering my client's to be tuned in with their own bodies and believe they know their bodies best - and we all just need a witness sometimes and someone to reflect back and validate what we already know deep down.

Clients leave with simple yet effective tools to stay empowered so they can fully
embrace who they really, truly are, and their purpose here as they walk on the planet.
Because when we are aligned with our true soul's purpose and our bodies are energetically clear
- we can then experience health, vitality, freedom and joy.

I have over 20 years experience in the Holistic Health arts and have my own personal, intense healing recovery experience that lead me to stepping into the Medical Intuitive role fully.
My two super powers are my ability to visualize and see very fine detail in my minds eye and use my voice and frequency to express clarity and truth about my client's experiences.

I do public inspirational talks, workshops and offer online programs.  A podcast is coming soon where I will host and interview many other Light Carriers that are rising in the world.

I have also created a private FB group where I go live and offer some free quick readings or speak on a health topic. And for those that are interested there will be a once a month online healing circle.

Join here if you feel called:


I have a deep desire to share my message that Healing is Possible.  It's a story of hope, healing and recovery.  I had a full recovery of chronic illness, pain and multiple health issues that was an important part of my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth but none the less I had to walk through the darkness and experience all that comes with it, like feeling defeated, overwhelmed, alone and confused.  
I now want to share my experience in hopes to guide others on how to listen in and let their body, mind and soul to lead them to the supports and practitioners that will actually see them, hear them and honour them.

Image by Jan Canty

For over 10 years I faced multiple concerning symptoms that turned into what some would describe as chronic health issues with no real answers from the medical system - except that my mental health was strained.  But I had countless symptoms that kept me from being the vibrant and energetic person I really am. 


These symptoms kept me from being a present Mom and kept me from growing my business over and over again, each time causing a crash into fatigue, pain, inflammation & depression. In April 2019 while having a calm conversation I suddenly lost the ability to move and speak. 


I was rushed to hospital and after a 2 week stay, I regained my speech and some strength so I could leave the hospital with a walker - yet the medical testing - MRI's, CT scans, blood tests, Neurological testing and Psychological testing showed nothing was physically wrong. 
But I had countless symptoms that kept me from being the vibrant and energetic person I really am.  Despite many times feeling defeated and alone, I continued on my healing journey - awakening and remembering who I really, truly am.  


Once I left the hospital with Anthony Williams, Medical Medium book in hand because a dear friend chose to bring me her copy - I opened to the possibility that a Medical Intuitive could help me.  Within a couple of weeks I found her, a Medical Intuitive who worked alongside a Naturopathic Dr. and was able to bring so much clarity to what I was encountering.

It became very clear that I wasn't like most others...

and I needed a specific wellness team of various practitioners who were trauma-aware and energy sensitive.  I also needed a routine specific to my needs and rhythms that included daily energy alignments, nourishing food, inspired movement, supplements and an emotionally supportive team of friends and family.  


Therefore what followed after leaving the hospital was 3 years of detoxing and cleansing with food, taking specific supplements, releasing and shedding old beliefs and karmic/energetic programs, learning about my nervous system, how to regulate and embrace all of my emotions.  I learned I was facing heavy metal toxicity, viral and bacterial overload which caused serious inflammation in my body, brain and emotions.  My body's lymphatic system, liver, gallbladder, spleen, digestive system and adrenals were all functioning well below optimal and I was unable to absorb nutrients and
regain strength and balance easily. 

I had a belief that Healing is Possible and my previous holistic health training along with my determination to keep coming back to a positive, focussed outlook AND an 

incredible support team of family, friends, medical intuitive, Naturopathic Dr., physical therapist, quantum energy healers, colon hydrotherapy practitioner, osteopathic and cranio-sacral therapists, and a beautiful Shaman and so much more. 

This all carried me through the toughest parts of this journey and I have fully recovered and

feel more vibrant, more me, more fulfilled than I ever have in this lifetime.

My intention is that with my 20+ years experience in the Holistic Health Arts field - as a Therapeutic Touch® Practitioner & over 10 years practicing PSYCH-K®, along with my newly acquired Ascension Coach & Healer Certificate with the Ascension Academy of Light and embarking on my own deep healing journey, that I am able to guide others through their healing transformations.  And intend through sharing my gifts and experiences, I can help them on their journey to remembering who they really, truly  are.  


Please feel free to hear most of this part of my healing story here in this recorded interview and first sharing of my healing message of Hope, Healing & Recovery...that Healing is Possible.  

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