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8 Week Holistic Foundational Healing Program

This Holistic Foundational Healing Program encompasses all four quadrants of the medicine wheel -
the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual aspects.

The 8 weeks will focus on each aspect for two weeks. 

The Program Includes:

- An initial one to one session with Casandra for
a private Medical Mystic Direct Session

- An initial one to one session with Jonie-Lynn for a
private Holistic Nutrition Consultation
- One live class per week on Thursdays, 6 - 8 pm MST on the respective Holistic aspect for that week.
- A 2 week guided cleanse at a chosen time during the 8 weeks

- Q & A's and mini check ins on your progress with the material and cleansing 

- Special Guest presenters to share and teach on specific topics

- And a list of bonuses you can enjoy for your early registration and commitment to yourself and the program.  

Program Outline and Important Dates: 

  • The week of July 4th, 2022 - each participant receives an individual session with both Casandra and Jonie-Lynn. 

  • A Recorded Introductory class - to be completed the week before the live online classes begin on July 14th - this will greatly assist you with your preparations for the program.

  • 8 Weeks of Classes - we then embark on a learning and experiential journey together for 8 weeks, find details of the class content below. 
    With one week of juicing guidance and one week of a guided super clean detox, lead by Jonie-Lynn in the middle of the program.  Specific dates to be determined as the participants enter the program and we receive their feedback.  

  • 2 weeks worth of meal plans provided in addition to the juicing and cleansing protocol.  

  • Program Wrap-up - at the end of the program, there will be an individual follow-up session for each participant to review your experience, results and goals moving forward so that you can continue embracing your true, authentic self and navigating your health holistically.

The Map to Freedom

Thursdays July 14th - Sept. 1, 2022

Financial Accessibility: Casandra and Jonie-Lynn are most happy to work with your on a payment plan that works for you.  So please do not hesitate to contact us directly to see what is possible - your health and wellness are a priority.

Right to Withdraw from The Map to Freedom Program July 14 - Sept. 1, 2022. 
If for any reason you need to withdraw from the program you can with a small $100 processing fee - 14 days prior to the start of the program.  Once in that 14 day period or anytime during the program, please email us to discuss the reasons why you need to leave.  Please note, however, that your payment(s) for the program will still continue until paid in full and no refund will be issued. You will maintain access to the recordings of the classes and sessions once your balance is paid in full and completed.

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