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Registration for this 8 week holistic, foundational healing program with full payment by June 20th, 2022 will give you access to these bonuses and potentially more as we connect with a few more possibilities.
- Golden Honey 30 min. Guided Visualization for the Nervous System

- 6 extra weeks of Meal Plans by Jonie-Lynn to help support continued clean, conscious eating

- How to Hold Safe, Sacred Space for Others' Healing Journey - a mini workshop by Casandra that will help you support others once you feel stable and well yourself.  

The Map to Freedom 8 Week Program - 4 Month Payment Plan

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Price Options
The Map to Freedom
4 month - Monthly Payment Plan
C$787.00every month for 4 months
  • The Map to Freedom - an 8 week Holistic, Foundational Healing Program that will show you step by step how to implement key, foundational health and wellness practices that will lead you to feeling joy, balance, vitality and freedom again.  Experience freedom in your Mind, Body, Emotions and Soul as you clear away all that no longer serves you and step into a space where you can fully embrace and honour who you are and all that you are capable of.  

  • Refunds can be issued up to 14 days before the start of a program with a $100 processing and cancellation fee.  Refunds are not issued once the 14 days has been reached but the payment can be used towards the same program at a future date.  
    Case by case situations are considered with respect and honour for all parties involved.    

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