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Thank you!!

Thank you for saying YES to YOU!!  To your Vitality and Freedom!  For saying YES to all that you deserve and that which is your Birth Rite!!  
A follow up email will be sent in the next few days with the links for the Live FB Call.  
Mark it in your Calendar now, and fully commit to showing up for YOU!

Vitality and Freedom Activation
6pm - 7pm MST/8pm - 9pm EST
July 5th, 6th and 7th!  

Join the FB Group where we will go LIVE!

         Hope, Healing & Connection in the CedarTree Grove

It's here you are warmly welcomed to virtually and energetically connect. It's here that you are held and witnessed as you embark on a journey of remembering who you truly are, through holistic healing, hope and honouring through online connection, complimentary online events and offerings, one on one sessions, programs, group sessions and community events. This community is for all, not just women.
This community supports healthy and authentic connection among all it's members, especially supporting connection to self, and to our experiences and connection to the universal and earthly energies.

With hands on heart - you are warmly welcomed here.

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