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Candy Cotton


There is an ancient and sacred place called: The CedarTree Grove. 
It's here where you can find clarity and the answers you seek.   
It's here you will find solace and peace far beyond the busyness of the day, the hectic schedules and all that consumes your mind, body and soul.   
Among these tall, majestic giants with the gentle sound of their leaves rustling,
you can find that feeling of home again. 

It's here where we gather and connect.

It is here, that you are guided to go within and connect intimately with yourself,
and this Tree of Life shows us the beauty of balance, unity and connection with it's branches reaching to the divine and cosmos above,
it's roots deep in the earth below;
a link between heaven, earth and all living things,
even embodying a perfect balance of masculine and feminine qualities. 
It is a space where we can fully rest and sink into the nourishing

feminine qualities, bring balance to and re-program the old, masculine-only driven ways of pushing ourselves beyond our limitations and forcing ourselves

to get the 'to do' list done.  Come and rest and find your authentic self. 

It is here you are warmly welcomed in person, virtually and energetically. 
Together we can witness you, as you embark on a journey of
remembering who you really, truly are.

With hands on heart - you are warmly welcomed here as I,
Casey MacDonald, Medical Mystic use this beautiful, safe, sacred space to guide you through holistic healing, to finding hope again and honouring you during one on one sessions, programs, group sessions and community events.


Engage in the Medical Mystic Sessions using the
CedarTree Collaborative Process

A guided, co-creative & solution based process that empowers heart-centered and spiritual women with individualized programs, tools and healing experiences.   ​

It's a a Solution focused, Goal-oriented energy alignment process used to
Shift Your Patterns, Beliefs & Energetic Frequency 

allowing a deep awareness and honouring of self.​

Experience Optimal Health, Joy and Freedom as you get centered

and​ rooted into your home within, connected to above and below;
and learn to maintain 
optimal energy flow, vitality and wellness.

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And begin your restful time with a free gift for joining me here. 
A Healing Golden Honey for the Nervous System ~ Guided Visualization!  

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About Casey

Casey is a Practitioner of Energy, Light and Sound with over 20 years experience in the holistic health arts. She carries and observes Indigenous wisdom and medicines and as she connects with Spirit she is able to see, know, feel, sense and hear information as she tunes in and scans the body and energy field of her clients. She is a Medical Intuitive who likes to get to the root of an issue directly and efficiently - all with gentleness, love and compassion.

Aware that many people are in need of support at this time of great transformation on the planet, she is here to be of service to guide, empower and inspire people to open their heart, mind and energetic field to all that is possible in healing. After going through her own intense health journey, she has gained so much more understanding as to what is required - especially a belief that Healing is Possible!

Coaching and guidance for her clients is specific to each person and can include - body awareness, connecting with higher source/spirit, journaling, energy and frequency shifts and alignment, nervous system regulation tools, guidance on healing foods, supplementation, physical movement, breathing, etc.


"Everything is energy
and there's a matrix of energy that connects us all.

The food that you put into your body,
the emotions that you feel,
the movements you make,
the thoughts you think, the words you speak,
the music you hear,
the feeling you have when you hug someone or
the exchange of a conversation,
the way the forest feels and the warming touch of the sun -
they are all frequencies - it's ALL ENERGY! 

​The movement, the exchange and the
various frequencies of energy
are experienced throughout your entire day,
every day!"

Casey MacDonald

Treatments & Offerings

Girl with Arms Stretched Out
Support Group Circle

One to One Medical Mystic
& ARoMATOUCH Technique
Healing Sessions

In these one-to-one packages
you and I collaborate to reach your health goals with medical intuition, holistic health coaching and energy healing.  
Receive Intuitive Guidance
to support your healthiest and vibrant vision of you.
You are supported in shifting
patterns, beliefs and your energetic frequency, you leave empowered with the
tools, resources and supports you need to navigate your healing journey.

Session options of 30 minutes and
1.5 hour. 

Packages also available
Online and In Person

8 Week Holistic, Foundational Healing Program
with Casey MacDonald,
Medical Mystic &
Jonie-Lynn Dyer,
Holistic Nutritional Consultant at
Love Yourself Holistics

Experience freedom in your Mind, Body, Emotions and Soul as you clear away all that no longer serves you and step into a space where you can fully embrace and honour who you are and all that you are capable of.  Your level of health and wellness determines the quality of life you experience and we can all agree that when health, vitality and joy is missing, every aspect of our lives is impacted. Casey and Jonie-Lynn are here to guide you to fully experience your true personal power and tune into the amazing healing possibilities of your Internal Matrix and
all aspects of your Being.

Our 2023 Dates are to be announced!

Inspirational Speaker, Circle Facilitator and Group Energy

Casey is available to speak to a variety of different groups who are seeking an inspiring healing and spiritual message of Hope, Healing and Recovery. 
Circle facilitation, group healing and various programs are offered.
Casey specializes in creating
safe, sacred space for heart-centered souls
wanting to be held and witnessed as they transform and grow through human and energetic connection.

Groups & Programs provide time and financial efficiency, increase accessibility, while nurturing
healthy communities.


More Info


Golden Steel Plate

I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Casey in my recent healing journey and instantly felt a connection with her. We scheduled a session, and I was extremely pleased with her professionalism, compassion and ability to hear my concerns and desires to shift specific things that has helped me to become more comfortable within myself. She helped me to bring forward things that I have spent time trying to clear and understand. Her life experience and expansive knowledge was definitely something that was helpful and comforting for me and offered so much support and love through the whole session including the energy work that she performed — I will definitely be looking to Casey for further sessions and support.                                               Gina L.

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Territorial Acknowledgement

Casey grew up in Ontario on Algonquin Territory and now resides on Indigenous land in Treaty 6 Territory, in Alberta.  Land occupied, travelled, and cared for by Indigenous peoples since time immemorial.
Spruce Grove is home, and this city is a part of this place – ᒥᐢᑿᒌᐚᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ, amiskwacîwâskahikan, Edmonton – is a traditional meeting ground, gathering place, and travelling route of the Nêhiyawak (Cree), Anishinaabe (Saulteaux), Niitsitapi (Blackfoot), Métis, Dene, and Nakota Sioux.
The histories, languages, and cultures of these peoples enrich our shared heritage. We are all bound by the spirit and intent of Treaty. Too often these agreements between nations are excluded from the stories we tell about the past, this place, and ourselves. We must be truthful about what has happened in our communities and make meaningful decisions about who is included, who is represented, and how we reflect.
Casey and at the Medical Mystic company, the Indigenous cultural and ceremonial practices are observed, respected and valued - with an effort to implement when possible elements of the Truth and Reconciliation recommendations. 


Working Online and in the Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, Alberta area

Thanks for connecting!

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